Inline Speed Skating is a highly active sport, using every muscle in your body.

Different from recreational roller skating, speed skates are made of carbon fiber and are made lowcut  at the ankles to get down lower and get more knee bend.

Larger wheels are required for more roll and is also safer for the rough outdoor terrain. 

Inline speed skating is more well known in other countries than North America, Colombia for instance has over 300 skating tracks compared to North America's 3 and is the second largest sport there where it is hardly known here. The BMW Berlin marathon is an annual event, and had an outcome of over 5,000 inline skaters last year competing in the event. 

One of the benefits of inline skating is that it is for all ages. Whether you're 4 and under or 74+, skating is good for all ages! It is excellent exercise and just fun in general to get that roll under your feet. You control your speed, you can take it easy and enjoy the nice roll and scenery around you or if you enjoy the speed you can take it up a notch and feel the wind in your face as you pick up your pace and really get your feet moving.