Fast Foods

Fast food is highly processed and contains large amounts of carbohydrates, added sugar, unhealthy fats and sodium. These foods are almost always high in calories while offering little in the way of nutrition. And when fast food frequently replaces nutritious whole foods in your diet, it can lead to all sorts of bad health outcomes. Derailing your weight loss goals is just one. Here are things you can expect a fast-food diet to do to your body in a relatively short amount of time.



Reasons not to eat fast foods

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  •   You'll increase your obesity risk 

  • You'll starve... nutritionally 

  • Increase your cancer risk

  • Heighten your risk of heart disease 

  • Memory and cognitive function will decline 

  • You'll be constipated 

  • Your skin will deteriorate 

  • You'll bloat

  • Your kidneys and and stomach suffer

  • Your teeth will decay 

  • Your mental health could decline 

  • Your blood sugar will spike 

  • You'll worry more 

  • You could end up with liver disease 

  • Your cholesterol could skyrocket 

  • Bones could weaken 

  • Food dyes could color you sick 

  • You'll be lethargic