“Circle America” is an “International Speed Skating Federation” event
A Multi World Records skate event to raise awareness of childhood obesity
Join in the Excitement as preparations are being made for these multi World Record Attempts unlike any other.
• World’s longest running skating event
• The most skaters involved in a single skating event
• The most number of cities/townships involved in a single skating event
• First skaters to circle America
• June 12, 2014 thru September 21, 2015
• 35 states
• 10,000+ Cities and Townships

• 10,000+ total miles
• Raise Awareness to combat Childhood Obesity
• Educate communities on health, through proper nutrition and the fitness benefits of this sport
• Promote an active lifestyle through the sport of inline skating (recreational skating through world class inline speed skating)
• Raise Awareness for inline speed skating as an Olympic Sport
Join with us to raise awareness for the combat of childhood obesity and promote health with nutrition and fitness through the sport of Inline Skating.
Targeted Additional Partners:
• Elected officials
• Educators
• Healthy food producers and retailers
• Children’s hospitals
• National, regional, state and local community corporate leaders promoting products and services for healthy lifestyles of children in America and abroad
• National, regional and state medical organizations
• Recognizable celebrities
• Sports equipment manufacturers and retailers
• Sports media and magazines


                 Team X, the members of the Akana Family, aka the "Hawaiian Skate Family" founded the International Speed Skating Federation. They will be the team to skate the entire 9000+ miles of Circle America while incorporating as many established inline skate events as possible. Custom carbon fibre relay batons will be carried the entire journey. The Akana’s will be encouraging and challenging every one of all ages to get active and involved.

 All skaters are encouraged to participate in as many of the individual sub events and designated legs along the route.
 Representatives from each participating community, city or township will present a customized label for the baton (representing their community) 
• There will be a promotional baton carried to represent our sponsors
• Each participating city or township will optimally involve an event(s) such as a Kids Dash, 10K or Marathon
• Each participant of the world record attempts will have the opportunity to record their involvement in the world record attempt on the ISSF website.
• Elected officials from each participating community will deliver a proclamation, ceremonial baton exchange (one also will be provided as a souvenir)
• Rolling billboards highlighting our partners, sponsors and schedule of sub-events will travel the complete distance which will involve a wrapped tractor/trailer and a 45 foot motor home. We are actively seeking additional vehicles to join in the Circle America convoy to raise awareness for the combat to childhood obesity.
History of Roller Speed Skating
Speed Roller Skating has its origin in the year 1700 when the first pair of skates was used in London. In the middle of the 19th century there was a wide-spread of quad skates. At the beginning of the 20th century, the first regular competitions were held. The 1st World Championship on the road took place in Monza (Italy) in 1937, and one year later the first track event was held in London (Great Britain).
The Féderation Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS) was created in Montreux (Switzerland) in 1924.
In 2006 the International Speed Skating Federation (ISSF) was established
“There are more than 50,000,000 skaters in the world that inline skate,  many skate just for fitness” – 2013 World Games website ( Approximately 15% are from the United States (7.4 million) according to the 2011 National Sporting Goods Association Participation Report. Approximately 1 out of 42 Americans enjoy the sport of inline skating, from ages 2 through 82+.
Speed skating has been inserted by the International Olympic Committee for the short list of the seven sports that will have the chance for the 2020 Summer Olympic Program. 48 countries participated in the 2012 World Championships in Rome, Italy.


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